Mayoress Calls for Support

On June 27th, 2024, a devastating fire tore through the Kingston storage facility, leaving destruction in its wake. Among the hundreds of units lost were the cherished gowns and suits donated to Formally Ever After—a charity that empowers students facing financial hardship by providing them with formal attire for special occasions.

Formally Ever After has been a beacon of hope for thousands of students, ensuring they can attend their formals with pride, regardless of financial constraints. The fire dealt a severe blow to this vital resource, threatening to leave many students without the attire they need to shine on their special nights.

The Heart of the Community Responds

Mayoress Alison Raven, a long-time supporter of Formally Ever After, wasted no time in rallying the community. She called for action, urging everyone to come together and help rebuild this essential service. The impact of Formally Ever After extends far beyond clothing—it instills confidence, joy, and a sense of belonging in students who might otherwise miss out.

As the smoke cleared over the devastated storage facility, locals stepped up. Their dedication and effectiveness in empowering our community became evident. Over 6,000 students and more than 250 schools and organizations have benefited from Formally Ever After’s commitment to making every student feel special.

Your Support Matters

Now, more than ever, your support can make a significant difference. By attending the high tea event on Sunday, August 11th, 2024 (from 11 am to 1 pm), you’ll contribute to rebuilding hope. The proceeds will directly aid in replenishing the lost gowns and suits, ensuring that students continue to shine on their special nights.

Join us as we raise our teacups to resilience, community spirit, and the unwavering belief that every student deserves to feel their best. Let’s come together, sip tea, and weave a new chapter for Formally Ever After—one where hope rises from the ashes, and students step into their futures with confidence

Note: If you’d like to contribute directly or learn more about Formally Ever After, visit their Facebook page.

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