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The Young Business Leaders Program

The Young Business Leaders Program is an initiative of the Beenleigh Yatala Junior Chamber Of Commerce. The program aims to help students in the region develop their entrepreneurial skills as they learn how they can start and grow their own small businesses.


The program will see students working with an expert team of facilitators from BOP Industries to create their own small businesses around something they are passionate about. Throughout the program, students will be learning about the basics of building their own business as they apply their skills and then launch their business at the end of the program.


This program is open for Year 7-12 students attending the Beenleigh Yatala Junior Chamber member schools and will run throughout Term 2, 2022.

Why Students need the Program

The future of work is changing faster now than ever before. With the latest reports finding that Generation Z are likely to change careers every seven years, it’s essential that we prepare them with the 21st-century skills necessary to thrive in the workforce of the future.


One thing that global uncertainty of late has taught us is the need for transferable skills and the ability to see the opportunity in uncertainty. When millions of Australians lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw people having to be innovative and think on their feet to reskill and fill the gaps in other industries that felt immense pressure in the current climate.


As Generation Z find themselves working to find new ways to build experience, develop skills, and find new sources of money, we’ve seen an overwhelming number of young people turn to starting their own businesses. Often just as side hustles, Generation Z have taken to ecommerce platforms, social media channels, and even local markets to sell homemade or imported products, sell their services, or start freelancing for local businesses.


For the 2022 Young Business Leaders Program we are proposing a clear focus on small business with the aim of helping young people in the Beenleigh/Yatala area find new ways to develop their skills and make money as they build their own small businesses.

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Key Dates

The Young Business Leaders Program will Consist of three main elements.  

Wednesday 27th April 2022 - Wednesday 15th June 2022

Young Business Leaders After School Program

3:30pm - 5pm Each Wednesday Afternoon | Venue Will Change Based On Host School

For the main program, we will be working with the students one afternoon per week for eight weeks throughout term two. Each week our team will be working with students to further develop their ventures as we work towards a launch event at the end of the program. These 90 minute sessions will see our team delivering a masterclass on a select topic and then working with students as they implement their learnings and get their businesses ready to launch.

Friday 22nd July 2022

Young Business Leaders Launch Day

At the conclusion of the program students will attend the Combined Senior Junior Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce Breakfast to launch their businesses. This will be a chance for them to celebrate their achievements to date and share their future business plans.

The Team Running the Program

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The Beenleigh Yatala Chamber Of Commerce 


The Beenleigh Yatala Chamber Of Commerce facilitates local business networking events, offers education opportunities, represents the needs and values of businesses within the community, and provides members with opportunities for promotion. The Junior Chamber provides an avenue for local students to interact within the business and broader community, enabling them to contribute meaningfully while earning valuable experience. We meet monthly to hear a range of speakers and plan various events

BOP Industries 


BOP Industries is a Brisbane based education company that works with primary and high school students teaching them about topics such as entrepreneurship, STEM, and the future of work. Initially start by a group of teenagers in a school business project in 2014, the company has grown over the past six years to become an international force in education and technology. Since delivering their first workshop in 2018 the company has grow quickly, working with over 50,000 students across 36 locations around the world over the past three years. Now the team has the pleasure of working with teachers, industry leaders and passionate students to develop and deliver inspiring and engaging programs to help students develop their 21st century skills.

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Friday 22nd April 2022

Young Business Leaders Startup Day

9am - 3pm at Canterbury College

To kick off the program we will be hosting a 'Startup Day' in the first week of Term 2. This startup day provides a foundation for the students to start developing a business idea and ask questions to the BOP Team before jumping into the after-school program.

Let’s Work Together

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